The Nashwauk Area Community Fund is a vehicle that allows people in our community to donate now or leave a legacy that benefits our area’s not-for-profit groups.  These organizations can then launch new projects, maintain existing programs, and improve the quality of life for our neighbors.  People of all ages benefit.

Our grants have enriched the lives for seniors, families, and children.  We have helped develop and maintained local parks, playgrounds and other public spaces. Examples include the Veterans Memorial in Nashwauk, the Keewatin playground, the Pengilly Community Center, and projects at the Buck Lake Community Center.  The involvement in our schools has recently increased with giving to many of our school programs/functions:  N-K band trip to NYC, N-K Spanish trip to Costa Rica, Spartan News Team, N-K bank instruments, and Spartan After School Program.

We base our annual distribution of funding on grant applications submitted by not-for-profit organizations for specific projects. 



      Apply for a Grant    donate here to nashwauk

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