The ElderCircle Bone Builders is a no-impact, non-aerobic exercise program for older adults to build muscle, improve bone density, improve balance and flexibility, and increase strength and energy. Besides the socialization, seniors also improve their state of mind and overall health. The twice-weekly classes are free of charge and are held at various facilities within Itasca County. Trained volunteers have led approximately 170 Itasca County Seniors in the ElderCircle Bone Builders Program. The Nashwauk Area Community Fund’s grants have helped purchase weights and materials, launch new sites, and train volunteers.

The Home Visitor Program in Itasca County assists seniors in getting services they might need. This free outreach program is open-ended and flexible. It can assess housing needs, caregiver services, and health issues, and then establish contacts to meet those needs. In 2015 the Home Visitor Program visited 285 seniors in 817 visits, and provided education to 1,105 seniors and their families. By referrals, this program collaborates with other service groups within Itasca County. On-going grants from The Nashwauk Area Community Fund to the Home Visitor Program have helped pay for general operating expenses.

The ElderCircle HandyHands Program utilizes older skilled volunteers to complete home repair and maintenance projects for low-to-moderate income seniors within Itasca County. These seniors only pay for the cost of materials needed, and the volunteers provide their labor, expertise and tools. In 2015, 75 clients made 99 requests and 250 tasks were completed by 28 volunteers. By utilizing skilled volunteers to complete the tasks, clients are able to save money and stay in their own homes. The Nashwauk Area Community Fund’s grant to the HandyHands Program helped to pay for volunteer support expenses.

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