NKHS Character Development Program
September 5, 2018

NKHS Cheering Gauntlet

On Septeber 5, 2018, Travis Guida and Ron Wilson, aka "Kaboose" presented a high energy, interactive team building program for all staff and students that kicked off the school year on the 2nd day of classes. The morning began with the staff, wearing Spartan Spiritwear, welcoming all students into the NKHS gym in a gauntlet cheering them while the school song was played. Students stood in the bleachers while Principal Seykora introduced herself, the NK staff, and the Character Challenge Team.

Travis engaged the students in a large group assembly, and then broke them up into small groups for various activities that promoted working together and building trust. He shared personal stories of responsibility, relationships, and lifting others up.

Then, Kaboose performed his original hip-hop songs steeped in messages of hope and determination. Check out the facebook video of it.

Kaboose shared his story of overcoming obstacles as a Native American youth, and encouraged the students to chase their dreams, work hard, and graduate high school. At the end of the 2.5 hour event, Travis closed with a large group activity and discussion. Students broke for lunch and resumed classes in the afternoon where they will filled out a survey of the morning program and had time to share in their class about any topics that stuck with them.

Nashwauk Area Community Fund helped supported this with a grant of $870.  Do you have a non-profit organization in the Nashwauk area community?  The deadline is September 15, 2018 to put in your application.  Click here to begin the application process. 

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