Nashwauk Area Community Fund Supported 61 Girls
July 16, 2018

Nashwauk Area Community Fund Support 61 Girls

The ISD 319 Spartan K-6 girls' basketball had 61 girls participate during the 2017-2018 school year. Each grade level practiced 2 times per week. Grades k-6 played at half time of varsity games, and Grades 4-6 had other tournaments and games as well.

With an increased number of girls participating in elementary basketball, the ISD submitted a grant application to the Nashwauk Area Community Fund, requesting $450.00 to purchase team t-shirts with a little left over for extra equipment.  Having received the grant and purchased the t-shirts,this is what Denise Clusiau, coach this year for K-6 girls' basketball, had to say: 

"The t-shirts were awesome - the girls are so proud to wear them throughout the school year! Some, as well as my daughters, have quite the collection of these youth shirts and do not part with them.  They like to have the varsity girls sign them at the end of the year!! It is like they are all celebrities!!!

I feel the shirts give the girls a sense of team and belonging --- our flip over jerseys are not the greatest and we did not have enough for all the girls this year since we had so many.  Although the k-3 girls did not get a jersey to keep for the season, wearing the tshirts made them feel like they had some connection to the team, and the girls would all plan to wear it the same day at school.

I am very grateful for the grant for these girls.  We are able to offer a program with no cost to grades k-3 and a minimal $30 fee for older grades.  Without this grant, we would have to either increase the fee or do without! I am forever grateful!!! I get to share my passion of basketball with the area youth.  Seeing them smile, have fun, be part of a team and get some physical activity is rewarding!!!"

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