N-K Band Receives a $5,000 Donation from Nashwauk Community Fund to Purchase Instruments
February 12, 2018

The NK bands are the largest student group in the Nashwauk-Keewatin School District. They serve a diverse population of students at Nashwauk-Keewatin and have around 40% of the high school student body participating in the band program, and it’s growing. The program may not be large in numbers compared to other schools but has a significantly higher percentage of students involved in band compared to other area schools.
The N-K Band allows students to continue making music on newer, up-to-date instruments. Due to the expense, many students rely on the school to provide them with an instrument. With the proper musical tools, students can flourish and thrive in the musical arts. With funds from the Nashwauk Area Community Fund, it is possible to put instruments in the hands of students who need them.
The band program performs in over 25 community performances per year. Whether parades, pep-bands, football games, homecoming coronations, Memorial Day services, the list is expansive, but community performances are only one aspect of the band. For many students at NK, the band is their favorite reason to come to school every day, and band is their second family.
“The band at Nashwauk-Keewatin isn't just a group of kids getting together to play music, it is a group of individuals from all walks of life who contribute to something greater than themselves,” says Chad Snider, NK Band Instructor. “In the band we don't judge on appearances or family stature. Every student who walks through the door or puts on the uniform is an NK band member for life, young or old. As an NK Band member, we work together to beat the odds and produce music and emotions that don't usually come from a ‘small-town’ band program.”

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