We need your help!  There are many ways for you to get involved.


  • Become an Advisory Board member
  • Volunteer at Nashwauk Area Community Fund events
  • Share your knowledge of Nashwauk Area Community Fund  with your friends and associates in the community
  • Encourage non-profits with which you are involved to apply for our annual grants

Give Financially

Outright Gift
Did you know you can donate stocks, bonds, real estate, and more?  Not only is it an alternative to cash, but your charitable gift can qualify for tax advantages as well.
Bequest by Will
You can designate a gift like those mentioned above or any portion of your estate to the Nashwauk Area Community Fund. In most cases, receive a substantial reduction in federal and state gift and estate taxes.
Beneficiary Designation
Do you have a retirement account or life insurance?  You can make the Nashwauk Area CommunityFund a full or partial beneficiary on either of those accounts - an easy way to make a legacy gift without modifying your estate plan.  Contact the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation at 218-999-9100 for more information.
Charitable Gift Annuity, Remainder Trust, or Lead Trust
There are many creative ways to create a lasting legacy through the Nashwauk Area Community Fund.  A Professional Advisor is a great place to start the discussion on what works best for you.Contact the Grand Rapids Community Foundation at 218-999-9100 for a list of advisors.

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