Angling - It's Part of #nashwaukcommunity
March 4, 2020

Spartan Angling is a class at Nashwauk High School dedicated to the betterment of youth angling in NE Minnesota and are pioneers in the craft.  The goal is to equip youth anglers to be stewards of Minnesota's waters by teaching them the art and science of Minnesota angling.  Graduates of the class possess the skills needed to be lifelong anglers who will be successful on the water, yet aware of conservation methods to preserve water for the future.

The class has several topics: fish identification, habitat, migratory patterns, rules/regulations, slot limits, conservation, stocking, reading gill net surveys, invasive species, shoreline management, clean water preservation, and other topics to create stewards of angling in Minnesota.

Nashwauk Area Community Fund provided a $1000 grant to the organization during the 2019-2020 grant season.

If you are interested in making a donation of goods, services, money or time contact Luke Adam at or 218.969.5517.

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